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AU selects classes based on various criteria, including:

  1. The overall strength of the class proposal and its relevance to today's industry trends and best practices.
  2. Whether the proposal builds on existing knowledge and practice shared by AU experts or creates pathways for future learning.
  3. A speaker’s communication skills and technical expertise, as well as the depth of their relevant background and experience.
  4. Survey results from previous AU speaking engagements, if available.

AU Class Formats


Australian governments at all levels are undertaking record spending in infrastructure including roads and highways, water, rail and other forms of infrastructure. In addition, the infrastructure and engineering industry as a whole is undertaking a radical transformation in the way infrastructure is designed, constructed and operated. Traditional delivery methods and in particular the technology used is being disrupted. Autodesk is looking for papers for Autodesk University Australia that addresses the areas of 3D capture, design automation, construction automation, industrialised construction methodology, asset information and the democratisation of collaboration.

This is having impacting on projects on all levels in particular in the areas of project financing, bid approvals and open BIM initiatives. Technology plays an important part in the delivery of infrastructure and Autodesk University Australia is the perfect platform to celebrate and educate the industry on these an other initiatives. Previous Autodesk University Australia Infrastructure tracks have been a huge success so make sure that you submit your papers as soon as you can. We look forward to seeing you at the Autodesk University Infrastructure Track 2017.



Technology advances in recent times have greatly impacted the way we design, build and operate our buildings assets.  We would like to hear how you implemented technology to achieve better, more cost effective and more efficient designs and how are you planning to further evolve your workflows using new technologies.

Teams are no longer bound by office or geographical limitations. Technology is aiding the true meaning of collaboration ensuring projects are delivered more effectively faster and best resources are deployed regardless of their location or time zones. We would to hear how you harnessed technology to collaboratively deliver your project.



This year is keenly focused on the future, and the transformative nature of manufacturing.

Submissions for this stream should be focused on the future, and how technology is impacting the what, where and how of manufacturing.  Think maker, 3D printing and the future of making things.



Please contact Margaret Raphael for more information on this track.

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